Monthly Archives: May 2008

Portishead 3

A review, for those of you who want to hear it.  I’ve waited a long time for this album to come out, ten years in fact.  I thought it would never come.  But, at long last, here it is.

It all depends on if you like their other albums.  This one, just as dark in many ways as their others, is different.  They are trying some new things, and I like them.  They have lost a lot of the sampling, dark lit movie theatre feel of their other albums.  They have changed their sound a little bit, modernized it some, but haven’t lost what made them lovable. 

Beth is terrific.  Her voice has actually improved if that’s possible.  She is still sometimes harsh, sometimes haunting, but always perfect for the situation.  The lyrics are good, never anything that is going to change the world but solid.  That’s never been their strong point anyway. 

The music is great.  They’ve updated a bit from pure samples and beats and become more musical.  The music is more complex now but still pure and clean.  This CD could easily be the soundtrack for a film, some sort of brooding independent number with a lot of rain, dark streets and a wayward love interest that goes bad. 

Get this cd, listen to it, even if you don’t like them.