Monthly Archives: December 2009

5 Star Songs

For December we decided to give each other the gift of music. We each brought a sampling of our 5 star songs. There was quite the range covering the scope of music. I don’t know if it answered or confused the issue about what makes a song get 5 stars. Is it just good lyrics? Good music? Does it have to be both? Is there an additional emotional connection required? Anyway, here they are…

Springsteen – Thunder Road

Radiohead – Exit Music (For a Film)

Midlake – Roscoe

Feelies – Moscow Nights

Pavement – Range Life

Robin Trower – Day of the Eagle

Strawbs – Hero and Heroine

Genesis – Entangled

David Gilmour – Short & Sweet

Neil Merryweather – Step in the Right Direction – it’s on the myspace page jukebox thing

Junkhouse – #1 Joyride

Massive Attack – Angel

Tool – Pushit

Dead Can Dance – Yulunga

Pearl Jam – Alive

R.E.M. – Try Not To Breathe – this is on Grooveshark. There are a million people doing covers of this on YouTube, but not a good REM version

TV on the Radio – Dirty Whirl

Beck – Sunday Sun

Hole – Doll Parts

Coldplay – Clocks

Yma Sumac – Taki Rari

Johnny Cash – Man in Black

Spirit of the West – Puttin’ Up With the Joneses

Beach Boys – Good Vibrations