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Best of 2010

So another year has passed and brought us to this. 2010 in review. Here we bring our best of what we heard for the first time in 2010. As you will see, we are always discovering great stuff that we missed in years past. There was a fair bit of consensus on some of the best stuff and there seemed to be some omissions because we thought someone else would bring it.

Anyway, here is the list. The Grooveshark play list is here.

Tears of Rage – Jimi Hendrix (version by The Band)

Love and War – Neil Young

Pass the Wine – Rolling Stones

The Thief – Sarah Harmer

Got Nuffin – Spoon

Silver Soul – Beach House

Big Black Hole – The Hours

England – The National

Demise – Bend Sinister (could not find Demise, so instead  I give you a Bend Sinister Cover of These Eyes by The Guess Who)

Que Paso? – By Divine Right (not Que Paso?, but another song)

And This is What We Call Progress – The Besnard Lakes

Big Bird in a Small Cage – Patrick Watson

Lifeline – Jamiroquai

Shine – Hanna Georgas

Black Tongue – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Island Blue – Koop

Sold – Dan Mangan

Imitosis – Andrew Bird

Boatwatcher – Cara Beth Satalino (not Boatwatcher, but Shimmering Thing)

High Road – Broken Bells

The Band Marches On – Ghostland Observatory

Rollercoaster – Black Mountain

When I Grow Up – Bass Nectar

Oh Comely – Neutral Milk Hotel

Wondering What Everyone Knows – Lightning Dust

Too Afraid To Love You – Black Keys

White Blank Page – Mumford and Sons

Hands Up I Love You – Madrugada

Well Thought Out Twinkies – Silversun Pickups

Expo – Fluke

Dissolved Girl – Massive Attack

Gimme Sympathy – Metric

Silly Putty – Primus

Privelege – Incubus

Private Hell – Alice in Chains

The Finish Line – Michael Angelo Batio

That’s the list. The playlist for Grooveshark is here.

I could not find Koop, the Bassnectar song or Shine by Hannah Georgas.