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February 2010 – Short Songs

Celebrating the short month of February, we bring you short songs. Songs that clock in at less than 2 minutes and 30 seconds. There is an incredible wealth of songs that fit the bill here and we will here a bunch of them. It was interesting in that for this theme there was more “classic rock” than I ever remember hearing before.

For faster loading, I have stopped embedding the youtube videos, so now you have to click on the song name to see the video.

The grooveshark playlist is here. If I couldn’t find the song, I tried to find a cover or something else from that artist that met the criteria. There is no Beatles or Blues Explosion on grooveshark.

Anyway, here is the list…

Cecillia Anne – The Pixies

Unsquare Dance – Dave Brubeck

How to Live in Peace – Utah Phillips (not the spoken word, but a memorial to Utah and I Will Not Obey)

Emergency 911– Sloan

Simple Things – Belle and Sebastian

Swarfiga – Kasabian

On Coming from a Broken Home (Part 1) – Gil Scott Heron

Perfume-v – Pavement

Why Does the Sun Really Shine – They Might Be Giants (not the song that was played, but the song that was meant to be played)

I Ain’t Scared of your Jail – Pete Seeger

Dethbridge in Lethbridge – The Rural Alberta Advantage

Pretty Pictures – Cub

Telegram Sam – Bauhaus

Stutter – Elastica

T-Bill -Elliot Brood

Something I Learned Today – Husker Du

King of Carrot Flowers (Part 1) – Neutral Milk Hotel

Crakity Jones – Pixies

Subway Song – The Cure

This Protector – White Stripes

1984 – Van Halen

Lord Leopard – Caribou

Organ Donor – DJ Shadow

Broken Face – Pixies

Seconds – Le Tigre

Girlfriend in a Coma – Smiths

Wild Packs of Family Dogs – Modest Mouse

A- Punk – Vampire Weekend

Abbey Road Medley – The Beatles

  1. Sun King
  2. Mean Mr Mustard
  3. Polythene Pam
  4. She Came in Through the Bathroom Window
  5. Golden Slumbers
  6. Carry that Weight
  7. The End
  8. Her Majesty

Sirius – Alan Parsons Project

Pigs on the Wing – Pink Floyd

Distance Equals Rate Times Time – Pixies

Bounce – System of a Down

Thalassocracy – Frank Black

Lights Out – Might Mighty Bosstones

Time For Livin’ – Beastie Boys

This Week Never Starts Round Here – Arab Strap

The Kill – Joy Division

Brand New Cadillac – The Clash

One Step Beyond – Madness

Master Exploder – Tenacious D

Little Wing – Jimi Hendrix

Break on Through – The Doors

Immigrant Song – Led Zeppelin

It’s Not Unusual – Tom Jones

Fell in Love With a Girl – White Stripes

Rip This Joint – Rolling Stones

Ain’t No Sunshine – Bill Withers

Back in the USSR – Beatles

Bookends – Simon and Garfunkel

Respect – Aretha Franklin

Love Struck Baby – Stevie Ray Vaughn

Substitute – The Who

After Midnight – JJ Cale

Mars, Arizona – Blues Explosion

Favours in the Beetroot Field – British Sea Power

Lend Me Your Teeth – Devendra Banhart

Shot Shot – Gomez

Whole Wide World – Bahamas

My Heart is the Bums on the Street – Marah

That’s all folks.