Monthly Archives: June 2011


This was the last of the people, places and things trilogy. Here are the songs. The youtube playlist is available here.

Things brought to us in the 20th Century.

Sprawl – Arcade Fire

Drunk on Aluminum – Wintersleep

On Battleship Hill – PJ Harvey

Where Did All the Love Go – Kasabian

20th Century Man – Kinks


Ten of Hearts – Mark Sultan (I know it’s super bad, but that’s all there is)

The Jack – AC/DC

Queen of Clubs – Sawoff Shotgun (not Queen of Clubs, but My Fresh Dress)

King of Diamonds – Motopony

Ace of Spades – Motorhead


Lord Ain’t it Sad – Utah Phillips (not the song but something interesting)

Angry World – Neil Young

No Love Lost – LCD Soundsystem

The Five Senses

Listen to the Rain – Evanescence

That Smell – Lynard Skynard

Flavor – Tori Amos

Touch – Jadis

A Looking in View – Alice in Chains


Salt Peanuts – Dizzy Gillespie

Fed Up and Hungry – Noella Hutton

Mango – Bruce Cockburn

Frim Fram Sauce – Dianna Krall

Scrapple From the Apple – Charlie Parker

Dangerous Things

Don’t Take Your Guns to Town – Johnny Cash

Shoot That Poison Arrow – ABC

The Bomb – L7

Raise Your Weapons – Deadmau5

Pass This On – The Knife


Hell Yes – Beck

Paranoid Android – Radiohead

Robots – Dan Mangan

Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots – Flaming Lips