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You guys have got to checkout this site. It’s pretty cool. They have full cover albums like

Number of The Beast


Darkness on the Edge of Town

The Wall

Or they feature “Five Good Covers“. Five different covers of one song. Songs like Seven Nation Army, Your Song, Don’t Fear the Reaper, Karma Police

You can download live sets of covers by the Pixies, the Decemberists, Cowboy Junkies.

They have In The Spotlight where they feature the covers by individual artists like Neil Young, The Pixies, My Morning Jacket and LCD Soundsystem.

The beautiful thing is you can download much of what is there if you want to.


Covers II

Well, there was a lot of music worth listening to at Covers II night. Some of these videos are definitely worth checking out. War Pigs by Sabbath, I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor, the original version of I Put a Spell On You, Hey Joe and Ghost Riders in the Sky are fantastic. We could probably do a Covers III at some point, but I think we would have to tighten the theme up a little bit. Anyways, enjoy.

I Am the Walrus – Jim Carey – original

Hurt – Johnny Cash – original

Milk Cow Blues – Eric Clapton- original

Maggie May – Burton Cummings- original

Guilty – Bonnie Raitt- original

Gallows Pole – Led Zeppelin- original

Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me – Oleta Adams – original

Ghost Riders – Steve Hunter (not Steve, REM) – original (Click to be surprised when you find out who did the original)

Goin’ Down – Dave Hole (not Dav, but JJ and Leon) – original

Runnin’ Up That Hill – Within Temptation- original

Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves – Scud Mountain Boys(click here for bonus Nirvana cover)- original

Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except for Me and My Monkey – The Feelies- original

Don’t Let our Youth Go to Waste – Galaxie 500- original

Hey Joe – Nick Cave – original (not Hendrix)

Baby, What You Want Me to Do – Etta James (for bonus Elvis cover click here) – original

When Doves Cry – Be Good Tanyas (could not find the BGTs, so it`s Patti Smith)- original

Landslide – Smashing Pumpkins – original

Big Yellow Taxi – Counting Crows – original

The Drugs Don’t Work – Ben Harper – original

Lovers in a Dangerous Time – Barenaked Ladies (live from a music festival on a cruise ship!!) – original

I Will Survive – Cake – original (classic)

Drain You – Horse Feathers – original

Jolene – White Stripes – original

Billie Jean – Chris Cornell – original

Whip My Hair – Jimmy Fallon (as Neil Young) – original

War Pigs – Cake – original (live in Paris 1970)

Not in Love – Crystal Castles (featuring Robert Smith) – original

I Put a Spell on You – Marilyn Manson – original (must watch. Not CCR)

Jackie Blue – Smashing Pumpkins – original

Black Celebration – Monster Magnet – original

Four Strong Winds – Neil Young – original

After the Goldrush – K D Lang (bonus cover by Thom Yorke , the Flaming Lips and Gary Jules)- original (I can`t believe I didn`t play this one on 5 star song night)

Thom Yorke talking about Neil Young.  (Part 1 and part 2).  There are a ton of Neil Young covers by Radiohead – here, here, here , here and here.

Pale Blue Eyes – REM – original

Sex Beat – Alejandro Escovedo – original

Black Diamond – Replacements – original

February 2010 – Short Songs

Celebrating the short month of February, we bring you short songs. Songs that clock in at less than 2 minutes and 30 seconds. There is an incredible wealth of songs that fit the bill here and we will here a bunch of them. It was interesting in that for this theme there was more “classic rock” than I ever remember hearing before.

For faster loading, I have stopped embedding the youtube videos, so now you have to click on the song name to see the video.

The grooveshark playlist is here. If I couldn’t find the song, I tried to find a cover or something else from that artist that met the criteria. There is no Beatles or Blues Explosion on grooveshark.

Anyway, here is the list…

Cecillia Anne – The Pixies

Unsquare Dance – Dave Brubeck

How to Live in Peace – Utah Phillips (not the spoken word, but a memorial to Utah and I Will Not Obey)

Emergency 911– Sloan

Simple Things – Belle and Sebastian

Swarfiga – Kasabian

On Coming from a Broken Home (Part 1) – Gil Scott Heron

Perfume-v – Pavement

Why Does the Sun Really Shine – They Might Be Giants (not the song that was played, but the song that was meant to be played)

I Ain’t Scared of your Jail – Pete Seeger

Dethbridge in Lethbridge – The Rural Alberta Advantage

Pretty Pictures – Cub

Telegram Sam – Bauhaus

Stutter – Elastica

T-Bill -Elliot Brood

Something I Learned Today – Husker Du

King of Carrot Flowers (Part 1) – Neutral Milk Hotel

Crakity Jones – Pixies

Subway Song – The Cure

This Protector – White Stripes

1984 – Van Halen

Lord Leopard – Caribou

Organ Donor – DJ Shadow

Broken Face – Pixies

Seconds – Le Tigre

Girlfriend in a Coma – Smiths

Wild Packs of Family Dogs – Modest Mouse

A- Punk – Vampire Weekend

Abbey Road Medley – The Beatles

  1. Sun King
  2. Mean Mr Mustard
  3. Polythene Pam
  4. She Came in Through the Bathroom Window
  5. Golden Slumbers
  6. Carry that Weight
  7. The End
  8. Her Majesty

Sirius – Alan Parsons Project

Pigs on the Wing – Pink Floyd

Distance Equals Rate Times Time – Pixies

Bounce – System of a Down

Thalassocracy – Frank Black

Lights Out – Might Mighty Bosstones

Time For Livin’ – Beastie Boys

This Week Never Starts Round Here – Arab Strap

The Kill – Joy Division

Brand New Cadillac – The Clash

One Step Beyond – Madness

Master Exploder – Tenacious D

Little Wing – Jimi Hendrix

Break on Through – The Doors

Immigrant Song – Led Zeppelin

It’s Not Unusual – Tom Jones

Fell in Love With a Girl – White Stripes

Rip This Joint – Rolling Stones

Ain’t No Sunshine – Bill Withers

Back in the USSR – Beatles

Bookends – Simon and Garfunkel

Respect – Aretha Franklin

Love Struck Baby – Stevie Ray Vaughn

Substitute – The Who

After Midnight – JJ Cale

Mars, Arizona – Blues Explosion

Favours in the Beetroot Field – British Sea Power

Lend Me Your Teeth – Devendra Banhart

Shot Shot – Gomez

Whole Wide World – Bahamas

My Heart is the Bums on the Street – Marah

That’s all folks.


December 2010 Meeting – Family

With Christmas just around the corner, and the best thing about Christmas is getting together with family, this months theme was family. Here is what we heard…

My Strange Uncle from Abroad – Gogol Bordello

Jimmy Mo Mhile Stor – The Chieftans with the Rankin Family (this version by Kathleen MacInnes)

Nobody – Robert Randolph and The Family Band

Cutting Board Blues – Cowboy Junkies

Fadeaway – Bodeans

All I Want for Christmas is My Daddy – Buck Owens

Sister Winter – Sufjan Stevens

Lightning Crashes – Live

Comfortably Numb – Scissor Sisters

March 11, 1962 – Mary Gauthier

We Wrote Letters Everyday – The Fiery Furnaces

Highway Patrolman – Bruce Springsteen (plus bonus Johnny Cash version)

You Are My Sister – Antony and the Johnsons

I’ve Underestimated My Charm – The Black Kids

The Good Son – Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds

The Prodigal Son – Rolling Stones

Nimrods Son – The Pixies

Mother – The Police

My Perfect Cousin – The Undertones

Family Reserve – Lyle Lovett (a cover by someone you’ve never heard of)

Family Man – Mike Oldfield

Winter – Tori Amos

It’s Cool To Love Your Family – Feist

Private Fires – Andreas Vollenweider with Carly Simon

The Suburbs – Arcade Fire

Summertime – Ella Fitzgerald (incredible)

Three Little Girls – Eric Clapton and J J Cale

Can’t Stop the Funk – The Neville Brothers (just a snippet – if you watch it you’ll be thankful)

I Want To Take You Higher – Sly and The Family Stone

That was it.

Thank you.

Bass Songs

It is uncertain when the first double bass was created, but there are illustrations of a double bass like instrument from around 1500 AD. In the early 1900’s, the washtub bass was used in jugbands that were popular in some African American communities. Most commonly this instrument just had a single string and it’s pitch was adjusted by pushing or pulling on a staff to change the tension.

Musicians grew weary of carrying the large double bass to shows and their wives grew tired of holes being put in wash basins, so something had to be done.

In the 1930’s a musician and inventor named Paul Tutmarc developed the first electric string bass in it’s modern form. That is a bass that was fretted and could be played horizontally and be easily transported. this instrument was perfected by Leo Fender in the 1950’s.

This month at the Highlands Music Club we hear songs with great bass. A great bass line or just great bass. Bass is ace in November.

Eilen Jewel – Fading Memory

Bob Dylan – As I Went Out One Morning (I couldn’t find the song, but this video is cool)

The Wedding Present – Suck (followed by an interesting cover)

The Flaming Lips – Seven Nation Army

The Black Angels – Young Men Dead

I Mother Earth – Basketball

Arctic Monkeys – D is for Dangerous

Galactic – The Corner (don’t think this is it, but it’s Galactic with Gift of Gab)

Barstool Prophets- Paranoia

Calexico – Chach

The Charlattans UK – The Bell and the Butterfly

Shreikback – My Spine (Is the Bassline)

White Denim – Radio Milk – How Can You Stand It

The Cure – A Forest

The Pixies – Is She Weird (2nd version)

The Pixies – Gouge Away

Simon & Garfunkel – Only Living Boy in New York (2nd version)

U2 – 40

The Beach Boys – Good Vibrations

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Higher Ground

Pink Floyd – One of These Days

Primus – Professor Nutbutters House of Treats

Bassnectar – Boombox

Otto Winter – Toccata in D Minor

Colin James – Bad Habits (no video)

Yes – The Fish

Andreas Vollerweider – Capriccio

Dave Grusin – Peter Gunn Theme (it’s not Dave, but it’s fun)

Bill Withers – Lovely Day

INXS – Elegantly Wasted

Pink Floyd – Money (plus a cover)

The Who – My Generation

The Black Keys – Tighten Up

Mira Billote – As I Went Out One Morning

Big Sugar – All Hell For a Basement

The Breeders – Cannonball

Thanks For Listening

Songs With an Agenda

For a long time people have been singing about love and government. This month we hear songs that were written with an agenda in mind. Whether it’s a political or social comment, we want to hear it.

Here is what we heard

Louis Armstrong – Black and Blue

Sex Pistols – Anarchy in the UK

Lou Reed – Last Great American Whale (this version is more interesting though)

Sonic Youth – Swimsuit Issue

Neil Young – Restless Consumer

Sting – Shape of My Heart

Cranberries – Fee Fi Fo

Bruce Cockburn – If I Had a Rocket Launcher

John Lennon – Imagine

Bob Dylan – The Times They Are a Changin’

Barry McGuire – Eve of Destruction

Simon and Garfunkle – Silent Night/7 o’clock News

Sting – Russians

Kansas – Cold Grey Morning

Eagles – Frail Grasp on the Big Picture

Billy Bragg & Wilco – You Fascists are Bound to Lose

Edwin Starr – War

Artists United Against Apartheid – Sun City

New Model Army – Small Town England

LCD Soundsystem – North American Scum

The Cribs – Be Safe

Art Brut – The Replacements

Robert Randolph – Going in the Right Direction

Femi Kuti – Stop Aids

Stiff Little Fingers – Each Dollar a Bullet

Bob Marley – Get Up Stand Up

Bruce Springsteen – Worlds Apart

Puscifer – Sour Grapes

KMFDM – The Problem

NIN – God Given

Playlist for the Connections Theme


It was good to get back into music club in September. We haven’t met since June but we had a lot to think about for this month’s theme. the theme was connections. The idea was you had to start with one song and then connect it to the next song and the next song somehow. It could be a musician, a location, a producer. Whatever. It was interesting.

Here are the results…


Soundgarden – Rusty Cage

Audioslave – Shadow of the Sun

Rage Against the Machine – Killing in the Name

2Pac – Fuckin’ Wit the Wrong Nigger

Eminem – Business

Olivia Newton John – Magic

Pink Floyd – Green is the Color

UNKLE – Rabbit in your Headlights

Beastie Boys – Shake Your Rump

Pixies – Where is My Mind

Charlotte Gainsbourg – Dandelion

Beck – Movie Theme

Pavement – Spit on a Stranger

Cat Power – Speak for Me

Killing Joke – Eighties

KansasMagnum Opus

Dixie Dregs – Ice Cakes

Jordan Rudess – What Four

Dream Theater – Scarred

Apples in Stereo – Play Tough

Neutral Milk Hotel – Holland , 1945

REM – Fall on Me

Vic Chesnutt – Everything I Say

Arcade Fire – Rebellion(Lies)